Revue de Presse : « How To Find Luxury For Less When Traveling In France » , La Maison Matelot dans les pages online du magazine américain FORBES


96f135a1177e953587401d957028a482Quand Deborah L. Jacobs, journaliste rédactrice au magazine américain Forbes, choisit « La Maison Matelot » pour ses vacances en France et en parle…

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« During a recent trip to visit the D-Day beaches of Normandy, my husband and I rented an adorable first-floor apartment (i.e. « Le Matelot à Carreaux » at « La Maison Matelot ») in the town of Port-en-Bessin for a week, equidistant from the American landing on Omaha Beach and the British right flank on Gold Beach. The town, which served as a fueling station during World War II and was the site of an important battle to secure it for this purpose, is today an active fishing village, with a morning fish market where it’s possible to buy the latest catch directly from the fishermen. We found it a tranquil and economical alternative to basing ourselves in the city of Bayeaux, as many upscale travelers do, which is about a 15-minute drive south. We still went to Bayeux to see the famed tapestry, which is actually an embroidered cloth, depicting the Norman conquest of Britain.


Our apartment in Port-en-Bessin, which was in an old building on Rue Halley, a pedestrian-only cobblestone street, was as bright and airy as the ateliers depicted in Impressionist paintings. Decorated with nautical bric-a-brac, it had French doors that opened onto a tiny patio. Indoors, the space of about 350 square feet included a fully-equipped kitchen, with table and chairs. It was separated by a curtain from the bedroom, which had a comfortable king-size bed. Another curtain led to alarge bathroom with a claw-foot bathtub, a set of Ralph Lauren bath towels and electric towel warmer. The apartment (680€ or $913 for the week) had its own water heater, and there was a washer dryer in a closet in the building foyer that we shared with tenants in the two upstairs apartments. After a restful night’s sleep we could practically roll out of bed and go to the boulangerie on the corner for freshly baked croissants…. »


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